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Break-in Protection

Break-in protection:

In the Bay area there have been a lot of break-ins recently. (What about my area? -see In some cases even when someone is home.

The modus operandi of the criminals is to knock on the door, if no one answers quickly, they kick the door in and grab what they want. In several cases they’ve killed pets for no apparent reason.

We’ve responded with a latch reinforcement plate. It ties the thin jamb to the strong 2×4 frame of the house. This is something that we can install quickly and usually without painting.

First, we remove the trim. Mark the area underneath where the reinforcement plate will go With a router and specially made jig, remove the material underneath Mount the new plate flush with the sheetrock. This ties in the jambs to the frame of the house underneath. Reinstall trim.

We are often told by people that “there’s no reason to upgrade the locks on my house because someone could just break a window”. Check this out. Watch the video. It’s worth it.

Now you have no excuse not to keep your family better protected.

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