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FAQ – crooked door

Q. My door goes down part way and comes back up: A. When it comes back up, do the lights blink at you? If the lights blink at you, then the opener thinks it’s a problem with the photo eyes. If it comes back up and stops, it thinks it’s hitting something.

Q. My floor is crooked, can you just tilt the door so that it sits flat? A. Not necessarily. The door must be square to the jambs (which should be ideally vertical) in order for the door to roll properly. Below is an example of what happens when the floor isn’t flat but the door is resting flat on ground, but not square to jambs.

Top roller on the right side is way too loose

crooked door
crooked door

and the top roller on the left is too tight.

Q. There is a light gap on one side of my door:

A. Try stuffing the end of the astragal (that’s the technical term for the rubber gasket/seal/weatherstrip on the bottom of the door) with foam or newspaper. Also, a common problem is that the seal drags on the jambs on the way down causing it to not sit flat. A quick trick is to grease or oil the jambs or the seal where it drags on the jambs and this should help it sit flat.

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